Hand-made lip glosses. Vegan and cruelty free.

lip gloss 1 - Autumn: Leaves cinnamon roll with vanilla 

lip gloss 2- Caramelicious: caramel with vanilla


My name is Alexa and I created Lexx Cosmetics. I have always wanted my own business of a beauty line. So I started with making my own lip gloss that is vegan free. I love creating new colors and scents. I want to have my own line of cosmetics one day. Be on the lookout for more items. This is my fall collection. Enjoy.


Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?


I have always loved the idea of having your own product that you made with your own hands and having people see your vision that you made while making and hopefully they enjoy it as much as I did making it. I want people to see my own art.

Lexx Cosmetics

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