Crossing the Finish Line with


Friday, October 2

10:30 am - 12 PM

Format: Workshop

Theme 2: Equity & Inclusion 

“NASA STEM Stars” is a webchat series connecting students with engineers, scientist and innovators. Students interact first-hand with STEM role models to learn about their inspiring careers, missions, and topics. This session will introduce participants to the virtual program, and how NASA’s Next Gen STEM content leverages hands on activities to enhance STEM literacy and help to build a vibrant and diverse next generation STEM workforce.

Speaker Information:

David E Alexander, NASA

David Alexander, BS, M.Ed. is a nationally recognized NASA STEM specialist professional with exceptional competencies and proven track record in project management, technical expertise in aeronautics research education, and specialized knowledge in STEM education and Instructional Design. W


ith a technical background in neurology research and over 12 years of experience in education he has been an advocate for inspiring students with lessons emphasizing physics, engineering, human exploration, robotics, and Earth/planetary sciences. He participates and leads the development and implementation of major educational programs/projects on a national scope which are designed to inspire, engage, educate and employ the nation’s students.

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