Developing Intercultural Competence through Club Leader Participation

Wednesday, September 30

7:30 - 8:00 AM

Format: Information Session

Theme 1: Emotional Health & Wellness

In recent years, Nebraska Honors has partnered with Lincoln CLCs to administer afterschool clubs. Through club facilitation, Honors students have improved a variety of skills, including intercultural competence. This session is about the support that we can provide to club leaders to further their own development in this arena.

Learning Objectives:

How integrating development can improve the club leader experience
Ways to develop intercultural competenc

Speaker Information:

Shannon Mangram, Nebraska Honors Program


Shannon is passionate about making a difference in the world around her.  Right now, she is working at UNL in the University Honors Program as the Coordinator of Community Engagement, Retention, and Recruitment. Shannon facilitates the Honors Afterschool Clubs Program that allows talented college students the opportunity to create and administer a club in one of our local CLCs.


She is also creator of several Honors Workshops, including: Foundations of Emotional Intelligence, Managing Your Emotions, Leading with Empathy, and Genius Makers vs. Genius Takers: Lessons in Teamwork. She also offers authentic intercultural competence coaching through the administration of the IDI Assessment. Whether at her church, at her job, or in her community, Shannon desires to help people to live a better, wholesome life and will always take action to do so.

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