Create an Inclusive Computer Science Program

Friday, October 2

10:30 am - 12 PM

Format: Workshop

Theme 2: Equity & Inclusion 

Young people need computer science skills to thrive. Develop strategies for creating an inclusive CS program that provides assess for all students. You won’t need an expert coder to bring CS into your program. We’ve broken it down into a simple process that builds on the skills you already have. Logical thinking, problem solving and youth development are the basis of the Click2Science approach to CS.  

Speaker Information:

Saundra Frerichs

Science Education Specialist - Nebraska 4-H Youth Development


Saundra is passionate about informal science learning and teaching. As part of Nebraska 4-H and the Click2Science team, she designs and facilities learning experiences for trainers and front-line staff. Connect with Saundra at or

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